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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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storms, we will keep a close eye storms and development. temperatures dropping eventually into the 70's. what about the weekend? the forecast in a few minutes. >> stay with abc seven days for coverage any time there is severe weather. for instant updates at any time, and our abc social network website. >> we have an update on breaking news we brought you at 5:00. this happened a short time involved a jet and a aircraft operating united airlines. ben eisler is live with the latest. just a few hours ago, two on the runwayd at dulles international airport. a commuter flight coming
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from pittsburgh and flight going to frankfurt. the weaned clipped the plane coming in from pittsburgh. reportede no injuries time.s the commuter flight was 3192. the passengers safely deplaned gate. was ordered to return to the terminal. we understand tonight to the working with the faa and the fntsb to investigate incident. >> we're also following breaking news from annapolis tonight. the state senate is about to on a bill that will allow at national harbour and table games statewide. is live.r
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reconvenes at the the power to vote on the bill. we expected to pass. it has preliminary approval earlier this afternoon. it would then go to the house of delegates. is where they face a much more bumpy ride. >> prince george's county spent the dayr lobbying lawmakers and the ways andfore means committee. he says a sixth casino is to the county's health. that is a battle he is fighting his home turf with his own delegates. how important is this to us? we just closed a budget deficit no revenue stream. revenues are flat. not the only one doing last-minute lobbying. a citizens' group from say the promised are not worth it. >> the jobs are mediocre jobs.
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there are dishwashing and , you know,e floors just mediocre jobs. we want elevated jobs. some where people can grow and have good careers. >> the delegates also heard leaders with a counter the jobs.ver but these are not walmart jobs. families sustaining withwhere people can live dignity as well as provide for their families. the ways and means committee hearing atving a hour. house reconvenes at 7:00 monday morning. a special session will go into a days into next week. if we get the results of the vote, we will get back to you. >> thank you, roz john leopold faces new charges tonight.
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officers said he personally the firing of a county employee. unwanted sexual advances and berated her because hairstyle. he already faces charges of misconduct after he used a police detail for personal and political reasons. monitoring a store from the district. greta kreuz is live in the newsroom with the case. she is not the only one this to, and it is still going on. she wants other women to know to speak out. >> i feel great because justice is served. she is relieved the six-year battle is over. >> being able to open up -- the
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person responsible for her to me other women out here. she was a lifeguard in the summer of 2006. boss ronald weaver repeatedly harassed her, asked out on dates, leered at her suit and a made vulgar comments. two or three days after i was after filing a complaint. the jury not only awarded damages, it also wrote asking the district to review and clarify its sexual- andssment policy all employee actions the poll that year. >> he added afterwards in the years on the 24 has ever had a kind of from the jury. >> no criminal charges were against weaver who is working at a d.c. poll. >> what did the department do about it? nothing.
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>> a spokesman told abc 7 news working with the the attorney general and give the verdict guidance on next steps. >> three other women also sued sexual harassment in the park and wreck minutes department. dismissed and a third settled out of court. it is unclear if it will repeal today's judgment. >> tonight police in montgomery manty are looking for a they say inappropriately women. three in three separate incidents behind women up walking in bethesda and put his around them. at least one of the incidents the man groped her. police say the suspect did not victims and did not attend to take any property. >> coming up, metro says they will shut down a few stations over the weekend. the locations of the trouble spots. tracking thes
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weather moving into the region tonight. -- -- doug hill is tracking sever weather. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. i think mitt romney's really out of touch withhe averageoman's health issues... this is not the 1950s. contraception is so important to women... it's about a woman being able to make decisi..s... i don't remember anyone as extreme as romney... i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. i don'think mitt romney can even understand the mindset of someone who has to go to planned parenthood. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
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i think romney would definitely drag us back... i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead.
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i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. the controversy surrounding campaign ad.r
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have not seen that, it romney's business decisions that bain capital led of a steelworker's wife after the man lost his health care. scott thuman is live with the latest. >> today we caught up with both about the controversy heights.ew together by priorities usa. remember, that is a super pacs a the campaign cannot have with do they are still getting blamed for it. romney's team is taking some heat, too. democrats used a massive crop to make it there. -- crop to make their point. >> >> when mitt romney and been close to our plant, i lost health care. he implies mitt romney is wife's deathor his
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from cancer. was stage for. there was nothing they could do for her. she passed away in the 22 days. >> that was years after he was go. out she was not on his health-care plan. romney campaign's reaction to over the have attacked the victim. that ad has nothing to do with campaign. control the content. >> did they coordinate? >> i did not know the details his wife's health care story. very painful for him. it is adates admit tricky game. what's the candidate does not have any control over the ad. i will see some ads and say, who did this?
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>> we would be remiss if we did that the mitt romney has been accused of running plainly false statements plan in theirare latest ad. politifact gave it a ranking of "pants on fire." >> thank you. still to come, get ready for more construction work this weekend. be affected.s will >> we are keeping a close watch potential of severe weather. >> the redskins are back after a win in their preseason opener. what mike shanahan had to say about the performance.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. >> metro riders are in for
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another weekend of delays. be hit hardestll with buses replacing trains between grosevenor to friendship heights. >> this nationwide drought is farmers especially hard. farmers could end up with their production in 17 years. the agricultural department production is expected down 13% since last year alone. the department of agriculture expects a bushel per acre be the lowest since 2003. >> they could use some of the rain we will get. >> we need a slice of it. some tropical weather. you know when we get the affects of a tropical storm when you get heavy rain spread out over the day. in latestill happen august and september.
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works other than a few isolated storms. it has been fun to watch the sky. little sours try to form up. it asouds did not make on by.ade partly sunny and warm. 88 degrees in washington. the severe thunderstorm warning expired. are heavy with thatning and heavy rain are not severe. move northue to east. not out of this appeared have a chance of storms in the overnight hours as well. they are not set up to get organized lines. it will be the exception rather than the rule. here we are in the washington area. there are some areas of showers that tend to drift to region to night. see showers and thunderstorms. it is not possible we could have isolated storm pop up. nothing widespread. this is our for the board. 72 is the morning low.
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there are the averages. look at the record high for this day. august 10 it is only 98. the point in the highs where the record in the double digits and no 100, we have turned and the hottest part of summer is behind us. 77 degrees in martinsburg. even some sixties from the north and west. 67 degrees. be a bit cooler tomorrow. will be, what will look futurecast supports the notion moving front will cloudy throughout the day. maybe lingering showers in the morning. if we get any son, be surprised. i do not think we will see much. we will be bright and sunny as high pressure over head. as far as the weekend does, a
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glance. 87 on sunday. a big difference of living clouds and showers. a seaman on sunday. like there will be a the beachny day at especially into the afternoon. a glance of late day sun. temperatures lower 80's. here are the next seven days for you. a slow clearing trend will begin. on sunday.rove monday warm and humid. a nice stretch of whether through the middle and end of next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> we had rgiii debut last night. game in buffalo. you have a talented quarterback. put points on the board. >> it is a long season, they a stronger offensive line
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and running game. the preseason game answered a questions, but not all of them. -- he was notline touched. williams is fine. he did not suffer a major injury as speculated. line did not do running game any favors. royster could not get a rhythm going with rgiii. even the recce knows there is much room for improvement. that is what looking forward to most common getting some against a different team. >> it takes a while. you have to have a good supporting cast. we are trying to put them situations asy they can. has handleday he himself.
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>> in the social media world, a the merging with sports fans. seeing the to the headlinesate bad, but the nationals best record in baseball on a six game winning streak. michael morris is on a streak of with an 18 game history. the lee road one of his hits an air last night. zimmerman had a career best 11 strikeouts. swept the astros. >> zimmerman has been consistently as good as anybody the lead, no question about it. his performance -- i am very comfortable because he is an attack mode going after guys.
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he is a beer out there. >> a bear. the open against the diamondbacks tonight. the pga championship rose on tonight. tiger birdied on the second. time for his first 15th championship. he would later pogey. carl peterson is your leader now. howard, the dwight center with big shoulders, to l.a., too. an exchange, former laker bynum philly. team usa dismantled argentina 109-83. face spain for the
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gold medal on sunday. [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congngress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping wk requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare.
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mitt romney will restore the work requirement, bebecause it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> breaking news from annapolis. have learned a lot makers the bill by a vote of 28-14 to add a casino to the national harbour and table games statewide. to the house. have more about this tonight. atlet's get a quick look these storms can. heavy downpours well over west southwest. possibility for the evening and overnight hours. a lingering shower in the morning. that mid 80's and a bright sunshine on sunday. over the next four months, you have a choice to make.
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not just between two political parties, or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country.
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governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach. it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the middle class. asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. that we can afford to invest in education, manufacturing, and home-grown american energy for good middle class jobs. sometimes popolitics can seem very small. but the choice you f yace, it couldn't be bigger. ♪ i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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